‘I had never practised mindfulness prior to meeting Susie. I followed one of her facebook live sessions and felt so calm and revived afterwards, I have kept it up since.’

‘Susie’s techniques have been invaluable in helping me deal with insomnia, stress and worry. She has a very naturally calming voice, resulting in relaxation and a much less busy mind.’

‘My little mantra is, I am safe in my body and my breath is my anchor. You have taught me so much Susie and I am so grateful, you truly have changed my life for the better.’

‘I had a job interview today and found myself really nervous so I took the time to invoke some breathing to get myself calmed and thankfully went on to smash it. I often credit finding mindfulness as changing my life but today it really did. Thank you...

‘Susie has a smile on her face and a serenity that is the best advert for mindfulness’