Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness should no longer be a ‘nice to have’ for executives.  It’s a ‘must-have’; a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision-making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress” – Harvard Business Review

Mindfulness matters

Practising mindfulness in the workplace gives employees space to think, to slow down and be calm.  Studies have shown that this decreases stress, improves focus and creativity, and improves decision-making.  Benefits have also included greater self-awareness, thoughtfulness and empathy. 

In our current busy, always-on society, staying calm, being present, and rapidly adapting to changing circumstances is a competitive advantage. 

In addition, in terms of staff recruitment and retention, an organisation that invests in their team’s health and mental well-being is more attractive to new talent and more likely to retain existing staff.

Mindfulness in your business

Mindfulness can easily be incorporated into your business routine and culture. 

What I offer: 


  • Practical and interactive workshops for your staff that will enable them to learn about the many benefits of mindfulness and have strategies and tools to take away and use afterwards.

  • Workshops can be designed around your company’s requirements.  Single sessions can last between 45 mins to 2 hours, depending on your schedules and can be booked as a series of sessions or one-off.

Possible themes:

Everyday Mindfulness – integrating easy, doable & powerful tools into your busy everyday

Stress – managing stress, minimising its effects & preventing burnout.

Mindful Communication – how to use mindfulness to listen & communicate more effectively in the workplace. Enhancing relationships and reducing conflict.

What are you thinking? – Our thoughts inform all our choices and actions and they are often not even true! Becoming aware of our unhelpful thought patterns and learning to manage them can be transformative.

Relaxation Sessions – designed specifically to relax and restore. Guided meditations lying down, with or without music, to experience deep relaxation and calm, sending a powerful ripple effect into the rest of your day and surroundings

Other themes available. Contact me to discuss


Courses: Longer 4 or 8 week courses to learn the themes of mindfulness, how to practice it and how to maintain its benefits long-term.

Workshops and/or courses are available in person (in Surrey, most of London and Kent (contact me to enquire) ) or Online.



Mindfulness in the workplace

My promise

  • To fit into your well-being schedules 
  • To be cost-competitive 
  • To be reliable 
  • To be fun
  • To show you what’s possible 
  • To motivate your staff and provide tools and techniques to build mental health resilience 
  • To provide lasting and ongoing value through the daily practices applied by your team

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